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Terra Incognita Fiction
24 April
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Death Note
Kiniro no Corda
Prince of Tennis
Ouran Kouku Hostabu
Vampire Knight
Black Butler

terra in·cog·ni·ta (ĭn'kŏg-nē'tə, -kŏg'nĭ-tə)

1. An unknown land; an unexplored region
2. A new or unexplored field of knowledge.

About this LJ
Harley Cooper's "Terra Incognita" Fiction welcomes you to the unexplored areas of her six major fandoms since she started her fanfiction career in 2007: Death Note, Kiniro no Corda, Prince of Tennis, Ouran Kouku Hostabu, Vampire Knight and Black Butler.

Must you venture
Expect an inviting cuisine of literary satire and acceptable purple prose that you can dine with. Also consider this as a tavern where you are allowed to be heavily intoxicated and influenced by all works of fiction presented to you.

About the author
Harley Cooper writes in Fanfiction.NET like most population here in LiveJournal. She's nothing but a humble egotist who wish to expose the public, if not the world at large, her eccentric literature. You must take the utmost precaution must you approach but nevertheless do not fear; as much as she could fuck up social niceties, she's very generous if you affirm her craft and tolerate her mood swings.

You will therefore sink your teeth into Cooper's whimsical products conceived from the birth canal of her imagination. Do not disparage needlessly but you must complain if necessary. The stories that she will be posting during the months of April-May 2009 have a grand total number of 28. Each story is dedicated to chosen people from her F-list in harleycooper.

The Future
By 2010, she will be writing a new set of fiction. That time around, her next batch of stories will be open for request by January of that year. You can select from the six fandoms: pairing or character-wise. One request for one person. You strictly must have an LJ account. She will then start posting fulfilled requests during months of April-May 2010.

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